Raising Children on Purpose is very easy to read and extremely practical. At a time when people have so many activities on their plate, it brings into focus the need to purposely evaluate and structure a program for the development of our children. The mere fact that it causes one to spend time reflecting on how they can be more effective parents makes this an absolutely invaluable tool. I hope it will prove beneficial to many generations of young parents.
Benjamin S. Carson MD, Former Sr., M.D. Director of. Pediatric Neurosurgery, Johns Hopkins
Benjamin S. Carson MD
Practical, practical, full of hope! As a window into children-and a mirror to parents-Wes helps us see and celebrate kids’ God-given uniqueness, and these pages hold a powerful, practical tool for every parent who wants to raise children according to God’s dream for them. A valuable, anyone-can-do resource for us as parents. Thanks, Wes!
Joani Schultz, Chief Creative Officer Group Publishing
Joani Schultz
Wesley Fleming delivers wisdom with such sensitivity and wit that each step of the book makes you eager to try its principles out. I learned wonderful insights for my own role as a parent, but also for how I can grow as a person, as a son reflecting on my own past.
Craig Keener, PhD., Professor of New Testament, Palmer Theological Seminary Author of The IVP Bible Background Commentary: New Testament
Craig Keener, PhD.
Wesley’s seminar touched me personally and challenged me as a parent. We have implemented much of what we learned in our home and are seeing exciting results!
Mother of Two Teens
Wesley Fleming’s presentation provides practical, biblically-based insights into parenting. His style is down-to-earth and humorous. The day flew by and we came away with ideas and techniques we could apply immediately.
Mother & Father of Three Preschoolers
As you sit on the edge of your seat, the Scriptures come alive…Wes exhorts men and women to godly living confronting sensitive issues with humor and insight. The result is life changing decisions.
Single Dad with Two Sons